حکیم محمداختر ؒ کا فروغ تصوف میں کردار


  • Mushtaqullah Hashmi Research Scholar Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Karachi


Sufism, Masnawi, Muslim society, Islamic literature, Hakeem Akhtar.


Sufism is the heart of Islam. It is attached with Islam as the human soul is woven within the body. Sufis have always been the center of Muslim society, especially; in the sub-continent, they have firmly imprinted their marks in every sphere of life. Various mystic traditions as Naqshbandi, Chishti, Qadri etc. are commonly known in India and Pakistan. This study explores the great Sufi, Hakim Mohammad Akhtar, for his unprecedented services in the field of mystic practices, poetry and Islamic literature. In the initial part of the study, his family background and educational account have been described which show that not only he was a passionate follower of mystic legacy from an early age but a true stalwart of Islam. The historical account of Hakim Akhtar reveals that he was a staunch devotee of Molana Rome which resulted in the form of his famous book "Maarif-e-Masnawi". In the latter part of the study, his character and work are unveiled in a chronological order. As the follower of Sufi tradition, Hakim Akhtar was against personal glorification. Through this research study, some astonishing hidden aspects of his life have been discovered which will help his disciples and devotees to follow the path of their mentor perfectly.



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