قرآن کریم میں مذکورہ انبیا ء کرام کے واقعاتِ سراغ رسانی : قرآن کی روشنی میں


  • Nasir Majeed Wing Commander, Pakistan Air Force.
  • Aziz ur Rehman Saifee Department of Arabic, University of Karachi.
  • Hafiz Munir Ahmed Khan Dean Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sindh.
  • Ubaid Ahmed Khan Chairman, Department of Usooluddin, University of Karachi.


Intelligence System in Islam, Qur’anic mode of Intelligence, Arab Intelligence system.


Intelligence system is considered to be one of the important tools used by military and civil secret agencies to defend and strengthen a nation. Intelligence system is thought to be one of the oldest studies of known history. Intelligence system consists of correct and accurate information, gathered after great struggle and facing difficulties. This department is related to both peace and war. Intelligence is a basis of formulating all military strategies and plans. The importance of Intelligence system both in day to day life and as a nation cannot be overemphasized. This article narrates the history of espionage, which is as old as the history of mankind itself. Five thousand years ago, the Egyptians has a well-organized secret service. In the ancient western country, it was called as; hakim’, in Spain (Undles) as ‘Sahib al Madina’, in Tunis as ‘Ray’ and in Iran the as “Areef”. Nowadays it is known as ‘Muqadama-Tul-Haaraat’, Salaf-Us-Saliheen calls its “Shurtaa” and some calls it as ‘Sahib al-us-us’ as they use to move throughout the night to look for anti-state elements. The first ever victim of intelligence warfare was Hazrat Adam (A) where Satan revolt against him. Similarly, the incident of Hazrat Yousaf (A) is the indication of old age practice of espionage. Due to jealousy, his brothers sold him as slave and told their father that he has been eaten alive by a wolf. Hazrat Musa (A) had his network of espionage. Even birds had been used for spying, like in the case of Hazrat Suleman (A) where he was informed by the hopp bird about the Queen of Saba. The study of the Bible reveals that instead of Hazrat Eessa (A), Yehuda Skruti was crucified but still nobody knows for sure that whether he was a true follower of the Jesus or was an implanted agent of the Romans Intelligence Agency. Anyhow, Bible declared him as a Roman spy. The ongoing tribal wars in ancient Arabs further emphasized this activity. The rest of the world had already well developed intelligence system. But in Arab, it was in its development phase and it was the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who got it from his ancestors and developed it. In addition to the intelligence systems of the early prophets, the relevant events in the realm of Nijashi of Habsha and Alexander the Great, have been narrated in this article.



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Majeed, N., Saifee, A. ur R., Khan, H. M. A., & Khan, U. A. (2018). INCIDENTS OF TRACING OF THE PROPHETS MENTIONED IN THE HOLY QUR’AN: قرآن کریم میں مذکورہ انبیا ء کرام کے واقعاتِ سراغ رسانی : قرآن کی روشنی میں. The International Research Journal of Usooluddin , 2(2), 20-34. Retrieved from

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