صحابہ کرامؓ ؓ کی صفات کا احادیث صحیحہ کی روشنی میں مختصر جائزہ


  • Muhammad Hassan Saeed Phd. Research Scholar Department of Usooluddin, University of Karachi, Lecturer National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (Fast) Karachi
  • Ubaid Ahmed Khan Department of Usooluddin, University of Karachi, Karachi
  • Hafiz Munir Ahmed Khan Dean Faculty of Islamic Culture, University of sindh, Jamshoro


Companions, Manaqib e Sahabah, characteristic of the Companion, Attributes of Sahabah


The Companions are, in fact, the epitome of the blessed life of the Holy Prophet The Companions , as a group, were a living example of the Prophet's persona. The Companions were always present in the Majlis-e-Nabawi ﷺ   and they were the ones who aware about the nature of the Prophet ﷺ   the most. Those were the persons who have received the honor of learning directly from the Holy Prophet ﷺ   . They had been trained in the light of the revelation revealed to the Prophet ﷺ   himself. Thus, the Prophet ﷺ taught and trained them for twenty-three years and fulfilled this responsibility with absolute perfection. And the wise know, especially who related to the field of education, that the strongest, most accurate and authentic testimony of any student can be that of his teacher before whom he has spent his days and nights. The first teacher of this divine school was Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ   and his first disciples were Sahaba and the school was directed by Allah Almighty Himself, who is free from human errors. Hitherto, the first teacher awarded the certificates to his first learners by passing various examinations are still preserved in the books of Ahadith under the title of Manaqib and Virtues of the Sahabah . Hundreds of Ahadiths related to the Manaqib of the Companions are compiled in the books of Ahadith. But as an example, we have selected total 33 Ahadiths; majority of them are taken from Sihah Sittah, 03 from Musnad Ahmad, 03 from Mu'ajm Tabarani, 01 from Tarikh-e-Baghdad, 01 from Musnad-e-Abi Ya'laa, which has been mentioned in the footnotes. We have also mentioned the brief introduction of the personalities from whose books we have taken Ahadiths in the footnotes, so that the reader can get acquainted with it. In the same way, instead of a long interpretation of each hadith, the quality and characteristic of the Companions stated in that hadith has been defined by the title with a brief overview. Overall, a total of thirty three titles have come to light.



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