مولانا عبدالرشید نعمانی ؒاور ان کی بعض آراء کا جائزہ


  • Ikramullah Khan Yusuf PhD Research Scholar, Federal urdu university Karachi


Abdur Rasheed Nau'mani, Hadith 'dirayat al-Hadith'


A great number of Ulema (Islamic scholars) of the sub-continent have done very valuable research work, recognized throughout the Muslim world, in the area of explanation/ commentary of the narrations of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). However, very few among them paid due attention over a specific aspect of Ilm al-Hadith called: 'dirayat al-Hadith' i.e. the branch of Hadith sciences deals with the chains of the narrators of Hadith and the study of narrations analytically and critically. Maulana Abdur Rasheed Nau'mani is from the later section of the Ulama. The well-known contemporary Hadith scholars like Sheikh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah (a renowned Hadith scholar and author of a number of books, from Halab, Syria) highly praised Maulana Nau'mani's research works. Maulana Nau'mani had not only specialized in Islamic sciences as a mere follower of his predecessors, but had a strong skills in criticizing their research works. A number of his opinions were not in line with the opinions of majority of the scholars and this difference of opinions against general accepted views proved him a distinguished and eminent scholar of his times having vast knowledge of Islamic sciences and strong ability to asses the views of great scholars. The views presented by him were not without basis rather each and every of his differed view has strong evidences. Some of his such opinions are given below so that our reader understand well(1) a general view among the scholars is that Imam Abu Hanifa (may Allah bless his soul) did not author any book in the field of Hadith and that Kitab al-Aasar is not his compilation. Maulana Nau'mani denied and very well established that it is of Imam Abu Hanifah's compilation.(2) Regarding Hadith Mu'an'an, Imam Muslim said that it would not be accepted until it is proven that the narrator had met with whom he is narrating the Hadith from. Maulana Naumani is of the view that the possibility of their meetup, as there are from same age of time, is rather sufficient for the acceptance of Hadith Mu'an'an.( 3) It is a well established rule among the majority of scholars that if an Imam with acknowledged "imamat" world wide and who is being followed by millions of people around the globe, if anyone criticizes such an Imam he himself loses his credibility and never be trusted in his all views about Shariah sciences. However, if someone only narrates other's criticism about an Imam, according to Maulana Nau'mani the narrator will also fall short of credibility. In this opinions Maulana Nau'mani differs with the majority of Ulema. That is why, Ibn al- Jawzi, Khateed al-Baghdadi and Ibn Abi Shaiba, the narrators of criticisms about Imams, are not to be trusted according to Maulana Nau'mani. In this paper we will discuss in detail about such of Maulana Nau'mani's individual opinions in which he chose a different path from the rest of Ulema.



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