حقوق اطفال قرآنی تناظر میں


  • Lutf Ur Rahman Yousuf Zai research scholar, fed Urdu university
  • Abdul Ghafoor Baloch Former Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Federal Urdu University, Karachi


Evolution, Children, Quran, Humanity, Knowledge.


 Knowledge is such an essential element for the evolution and survival of humanity that no sane person can deny its importance.  Allah decreed the exalted status of man on the basis of experiential knowledge.  Man being the very focus of the holy Quran, it provides guidance about every sphere of his life. The holy Quran gives relatively more importance to pre-youth period because socialization during this period has implications throughout life.  Parents are directed to follow an evolutionary approach for education and character building of their children. When children are not yet capable of speaking and their body parts are not fully functional, the Quran lays emphasis on their education and physical development through recreational activities.  The Quran also implies that attention should be given to what children say and do so as to better understand their thought pattern.  Knowledge of religious beliefs and injunctions should be so profoundly infused in children that they have no iota of doubt throughout life.  Teaching children social etiquettes and public manners before they grow up is also essential from the Quranic perspective.  In a nutshell, the Quran lays equal emphasis on success in this world and the life hereafter which demands that man should make efforts in different areas as much as they are needed.  The Quran seeks to develop such a Muslim who not only excels in secular fields but also embodies moral ideals as a true heir of the Prophets.  This is possible if children are educated in line with the principles laid down in the holy Quran.



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